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You have an app? We have the customers!

No matter if iOS or Android, we offer you the largest mobile publisher network in D/A/CH region!

Technical know-how
Complete setup of the
campaign by our account skilled
managers in no time
Biggest inventory
A huge database with over 770 App
No risk
We work on commission! You will only
be charged for valid downloads, leads or sales

Some of our happy clients

We work together hand in hand to realize the best mobile marketing campaigns
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The best mobile publisher network

Real-Time analytics

All the data capacity available when it is needed. We help you optimize your App campaign with more than 36.000.000 visitors in the EU: 

  • Real Time: We monitor all downloads in real time
  • Quality: We optimize for high retention rate
  • ROI: Our targeting optimized for the users with the strongest purchasing power

Our publishers

A few of our publishers waiting to advertise your campaigns
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions about our work regarding mobile campaigns. Find out why Fortune 500 companies as well as startups trust our technology!

Cross-Platform: Android and iOS?

Our mobile tracking works with all SDKs and for all platforms. We can track Android as well as Apple devices. We have the possibility to track the via one link or separate links for each campaign.

What's your typical cost for a marketing campaign?

We don't charge for traffic or branding. Our pricing model is based on generated revenue. Our fees are taken from the total conversions generated by our partners. All costs are displayed in our dashboard in real time 24/7.

How about data protection?

Our tools and dashboards are compliant with all current data protection laws. All data that is saved and stored is encrypted and anonymised so it cannot be linked to web activity. All Google as well as Apple devices work with our software.

How large is the mobile publisher database?

Our mobile publisher database is growing every day. Our active pool of network partners includes about five hundred partners. However our total database consists of thousands of ad networks.

What is the typical timeline for a mobile marketing campaign?

If the events are defined and the SDK tracking is running correctly we can launch a campaign within 24 hours. If prepwork has to be done, we will need one week to launch a campaign. Results will improve over time as our algorithm needs to understand the audience.

Do you guarantee marketing results?

Sadly, we cannot promise results. However, if we create no new conversion, there is no charge. Our pricing is linked to results. Our clients generate an average of 28% of conversion via our network.

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